Bee Removal From Your Home

Nothing is worse than finding bees in your home because they can be dangerous and annoying. Many times you can just open the door or window and shoo them back outside but there are times that you will find it is not just one bee but an infestation. A homeowner can do a bee removal on their own but sometimes it will require the services of a bee exterminator. One bee that you should worry about finding in your home is the carpenter bee. These bees do not sting but are harmful to wood because they make holes in the wood. Another type of bee that you need to worry about finding in your home is the yellow jacket wasps. They sting just because they want to without provocation and like to make nests in any corner or nook.

These two bees in particular like to get into the spaces between the walls and corners of your home so getting them out can be a tedious task. The first step is to find the nest. For the wasps you need to look up in the corners of your home or outside, especially on the porch. For the carpenter bees you can tap on the walls and listen closely to see if you hear a faint buzzing sound. If you see bees in the house you can always watch to see where they go, which is hopefully their nest or hive.

Bee removal-carpenter bees

If you notice holes where the wood appears powdered you probably have carpenter bees. You may even see brownish droppings on the walls around the holes. To get rid of them you can just use putty and caulk to seal up the holes because the bees will not try to burrow out. If you do not see any holes but hear a faint buzzing it is advisable to hire a bee exterminator as they have the knowledge to make sure that there are carpenter bees in the wall, how they got in if you do not know, and how to get rid of them.

Bee removal-yellow jacket wasps

To get rid of the nest you need to wait until dusk when the bees have returned home and their reflexes are not as fast as they would be during the day. Make sure that you are wearing protective coverings to help prevent any stings. One way to do this is to hold a burning paper right at the entrance or just below the nest. They will get irritated and leave the nest. Once they are all gone you can knock down the nest and take it out to destroy by smashing it or burning it. You can also spray it with an insecticide.

Source by Lora Davis