Five Places to Discover New Craft Beer

The craft beer movement is all the rage and has been for a number of years now. Part of what has made this particular fermented beverage renaissance is the fact that so many people have decided that they want more of a farm-to-market approach to their beer. So much emphasis is placed on knowing the places where are food comes from that it was almost inevitable that something as socially, and culturally, important as beer would follow suit. It’s also become important for many people to revisit the old ways of doing most things, and if there is one beverage that is ripe with historical significance from “the old world”, it is certainly beer.

The kicker, though, is that you actually have to know where to find craft beer in order to try it, and depending on where you live & your comfort level, you may be reticent to expand your horizons, even if it means great tasting brew. Well, rid yourself of that mindset, and get with the craft beer program!

Here are five places you can discover your next great, or perhaps your first, craft beer adventure:

1. Your Neighborhood Super-Market – It’s no surprise that most super-markets have everything you could need in life, but they are also becoming quite important in providing a number of alcohol options. Not only can you find great wine at variable price-points, you can also find great craft beer options from even local brewers.

2. Local Watering Hole – In an effort to bring in a more varied customer, local taverns & pubs have expanded their beer offerings so as to include some tremendous craft beer selections. In many cases, they will even go so far as to match their food offerings up to their beer selections so that you can get the best experience available.

3. Specialty Markets – As with most specialty stores, alcohol-related markets are now open that offer sometimes hundreds of beer selections from around the globe, thereby expanding the variable amounts of tastes from every corner of the planet. Why limit yourself to only a zip code over from your own city when you can get craft beer recipes that date back hundreds of years from Europe?

4. Mail Order – As with just about anything you can think of, you can also have fine suds sent directly to your home. Whether by an a la carte fashion or via a “beer club”, you are able to select from a wide selection of finely crafted brews and have them come to you for a relatively small fee.

5. Local Movie House – You also have local dine-in brewery movie houses that offer the best of all worlds. Not only are you able to choose from some serious, award-winning beers on tap, you can also order some gourmet eats & have it served to you while you watch the latest movies in a luxurious theater! It will forever change your movie-watching experience!

Don’t let the craft beer movement pass you by. Let yourself experience new tastes & be willing to step into unfamiliar territory. You’ll be very glad you did!